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Skywater 14

Skywater® 14 Home/office

The Skywater® 14 is a home or office water cooler that makes water from air. No plumbing or assembly, just plug it in and make gallons of pure, fresh water every day. A water making machine that needs no heavy water bottles and is environmentally more efficient than water purification systems and bottled water. Learn More >>

Skywater Harmony

Skywater® Harmony

At any one point in time there are billions of gallons of water in our atmosphere. This water can be easily extracted from the air to produce fresh, clean alkaline - ionized drinking water with no negative environmental impact like the water produced from bottled or city water.

The Skywater Harmony® generator offers refreshing, clean, alkaline - ionized atmospheric water at a very low price. Learn More >>

Skywater 300

Skywater® 300 High Volume

The Skywater® 300 uses patented air-to-water technology to produce up to 300 gallons (1100 liters) per day of fresh drinking water from humidity in the air.

Imagine the convenience of water where you need it when you need it: an abundant, reliable source of fresh drinking water. When common sources of water are so often contaminated, Skywater® is a reliable water supply without the risk. Learn More>>

Living Water Systems also offers additional
Skywater® products including:

  • Skywater® Government-Military Systems
  • Skywater® Emergency Service Units
  • Skywater® Marine Units
  • Skywater® Custom Built OEM Water-Making Machines
  • Skywater® Alternative Energy Systems

Are you interested in a Skywater® System for your Home of Office?

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