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Skywater® 300

The Skywater® 300 uses patented air-to-water technology to produce up to 300 gallons (1100 liters) per day of fresh drinking water from humidity in the air.

Imagine the convenience of water where you need it when you need it: an abundant, reliable source of fresh drinking water. When common sources of water are so often contaminated, Skywater® is a reliable water supply without the risk.

A single Skywater® 300 unit can easily supply all the water needs of a single-family residence or bundle a few machines together and have the capacity of providing over 900 gallons. Produce large volumes for:

  • Homes & New Construction
  • Health Clinics & Schools
  • Humanitarian Aid & Emergency Relief
  • Remote Villages & Work Sites
  • Government & Military Uses
  • Farms & Greenhouse

Skywater® 300 Features Video:

ORDER NOW: 325.212.5483
ORDER NOW: 325.212.5483

Skywater® 300 Specifications:

Skywater® 300 model: High Volume atmospheric water generator
Production Capacity: 300 Gallons (1100 Liters) Per Day in ideal working conditions listed below
Ideal Working Conditions:
Temperature: 21° C - 32° C
Relative Humidity: 40% RH - 100% RH
Power: 7-10 KW/Hr
208-240V (Single Phase) or
380-440V (3-Phase)
Refrigeration: 407C
Dimensions: Height: 150 cm
Width: 120 cm
Length: 220 cm
Weight: 450 Kg
Patented: Multiple US patents and International patents pending.
Unit Shipping Weight: 595 Kg
Certification: CE approved, UL pending
Warranty: One year limited warranty

Skywater® 300 FAQ:

How does the Skywater® 300 make water?

Using only electricity, the Skywater® 300 has the capacity to make large volumes of water from the air. Using Island Sky's patented air to water technology, the Skywater® 300 makes more water with less electrical consumption than most air to water devices worldwide. See more on Skywater®'s patented air to water technology >>

What is the production capacity of the Skywater® 300?

Given a certain range of temperatures and humidity levels or relative humidity, the Skywater® 300 produces anywhere from 500 to over 1000 liters per day. The Skywater® 300 is far superior in extraction and power efficiency compared to other air to water devices and is engineered to maintain these output levels in a wide range of temperature and humidity conditions.

What is the tank capacity of the Skywater® 300?

The Skywater® 300 is designed to work with an external tank and filter depending on your needs. The machine has a temporary internal collection tank that holds 15 gallons of water as it's produced and then drains into an external tank, which capacity is determined by the needs and uses of the user.

What can the water be used for? Can it be hooked up to the plumbing of a building or home?

Yes. A single Skywater® 300 unit can easily supply all the water needs of a single-family residence or bundle a few machines together and have the capacity of providing over 900 gallons (3300 liters). Produce large volumes for agriculture, health clinics, humanitarian and emergency relief.

What's involved in the installation of the Skywater® 300?

A licensed technician will do the onsite installation of the Skywater® 300. It is designed to work outdoors only, and needs a ventilation space of approximately five feet on all sides to maximize the potential of converting air to water. Once the technician has powered up the machine, a water outlet will be connected to a water storage device.

What kind of power does the Skywater® 300 require?

The Skywater® 300 runs on approximately 7 -10 kilowatts per hour. It operates on 50hz or 60hz and either 208-240V (single phase) or 380-440V (3-phase). This power can be supplied directly or from a generator for portability.

What kind of maintenance is required for the Skywater® 300?

The machine is relatively maintenance free. Following a few simple steps throughout the year will maximize the quality and production of water. The Skywater® 300 has a washable air filter that should be cleaned with a jet of water weekly or monthly depending on your environment. The water trough should be cleaned periodically. Bi-annually the machine may require a standard checkpoint evaluation by a licensed service technician from your distributor.

What type of filtration is used to purify the water?

The water collected in the built-in 15 gallon tank is treated with Ozone, a chemical free method of purification, which is EPA & FDA approved. For drinking water, a secondary carbon filter can be added to the water dispersed from the storage device.

How does the machine replenish the tank with more water?

The Skywater® 300 is not designed to store water, just to make water, however it will store up to 15 gallons in a temporary holding tank, when the water level decreases (usually with drainage to a storage tank), the machine will make more water. Water storage tanks are supplied through your distributor and may have a variety of options to fit your needs.

How long does it take to make the first fill of water?

Depending on relative humidity, the machine will produce water in the first 24 hours of operation.